Streetbees: Earn big cash for doing small task!

Streetbees is an app that pays you cash just for doing small task. It guarantee you to pay if you completed the tasks, this app is highly recommended. You can complete a task in-store without having any internet connection and all your data will be saved as you progress. However, you will not be able to submit your task while you are not connected to the internet. At the end of your task you will hit the “I’m done” button which saves your completed task. When you next connect to the internet, your task will automatically set then you're good to go! Big gains for doing small task!

Streetbees™ is the app that pays you cash on the fly!

Download the app and get connected with paid tasks from the brands you use every day. Take a photo of your kitchen cupboard, tell us how you choose your afternoon snacks, or check the price of a chocolate bar in your local grocer. That’s it! Send your answers and earn cash instantly while shaping the future of your favourite products and places.



How this App works:

1. Download the app and create an account to become one of our bees

2. We’ll notify you as soon as there’s a task near you, or you can search our current tasks to find one

3. Take the tasks you like and complete them before they expire

4. Get paid cash within 24hrs with secure payments to your PayPal or local bank account.

Streetbees Available on Play Store and App Store